Monday, February 18, 2008

2 month apt

Garrett and I took Jacks in for his 2 month apt...lets just say he is growing too fast! He now weighs a whopping 14.4 pounds!! Thats just nuts! He is totally off the charts in his weight and in the 90th percentile in his length. Im not quit sure how much longer my back can keep up! Thank goodness Garrett was there to help me out because he was given 4 shots and I did not handle that well. I tired to be a strong mommy but I just couldnt help but cry! The look on his face was so sad. I love that little guy more than anything and to think that he will go through pain in this life just kills me, but I know thats just how it is and thank gooodness this life is only temporary. But I wouldnt trade having this baby for anything in the world and I would give up everything I have just to be his mom!


Grandma Marilynn said...

Jacks is soo cute!

Garrett was chubby as a baby.....and off the charts as well. He wasn't skinny until he was 4 yrs old.

I know how you feel Jess - I used to get a terrible stomach ache everytime one of the kids got a shot!

Don't feel bad about posting pics....I love them and can't wait to see updates!


Grandma Marilynn

Kristine said...

this is one of the sweetest posts i've ever seen! you're such an amazing mom already. i bet poor baby jackson had a fat lip and puffy adorable red cheeks after all that crying...


p.s. hi "grandma" marilynn!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Jackson 3 said...

I CANNOT believe how big he is already!! what a doll with his big blue eyes! Ladies look out. Eli has been in the 95% percentile all along. He is 9 months TODAY and has finally slowed down (at 20 lbs) I think he kind of peaked when he hit 6 months then things slowed down from there! He thinned out a little and stayed in one size for a while longer. Maybe Jacks will be similar. What do you expect from our HUGE husbands!? WE NEED TO COME VISIT! I'm still dying to meet that boy!

Welch Family said...

It was great chatting today Garrett! We can't wait for our beachhouse vacation with you guys. Our blog address is www.

Mom said...

Hello Jessica and Garrett,

This is so great, to be able to see you both and the baby too! He is just adorable, and looks just like Garrett. I don 't imagine Mike and I will get to see him in person anytime soon, so this is especially great.

Aunt Gerri


It says Mom, because that is how I signed on Tammi's site--I will change it somehow.

Woods said...

I love that little chubb, he's even cuter in person! I think you should bring him over, remember how much he liked me? CUTE!!!