Saturday, March 15, 2008

First Cold Uggg!!!

It's been a while since ive done a new post but i'll catch you all up with the Schonberg house! Jacks just got over his first cold and it broke my heart! I tried so so hard to keep him away from anyone sick but I knew eventually he would catch something..thanks to all his cute cousins! He is getting so dang huge..he is now 15.8 pounds as of yesterday! Seriously I brake my back everyday carrying him around. If you know our son he is a bit high mantinance which is so weird cause I dont know where he gets it from! HA HA! Garrett has been very busy at work with a bunch of new clients and I have been very busy keeping up with Jacks and coaching..ok not really that busy. We are still looking for a house and I dont know if we will ever find one! It makes me nerves to actually buy one cause then we are stuck here, which isnt so bad but we'd like to make it to Cali eventually! Thats about it for us!


Woods said...

Poor guy, I hate when they get sick. He's still cute when he's crying, what's the deal?

Britt said...

Oh Poor thing....stop pinching him Jess!! Give him a squeeze for me!

Kristine said...

okay, jackson's shirt is pretty much pure awesomeness. it made me laugh out loud.
i am definitely am rooting for y'all to plant your roots in cali.
keep the posts and pictures coming.

Tawny Reagan said...

Good to hear a little message from you again! Your boy looks STURDY, like a little brick! I want to eat him... and that idea you have of ending up in Cali? I support you fully and hope its sooner than later!