Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy 8 Weeks!!

Jackson is now 8 weeks old and he is such a big boy!! This week was full of some more firsts for him. He and Garrett took his first shower and he loved it..which will now be a saturday morning tradition! Jacks is also now sleeping in his crib in his own room, not in our bed. He made the transition easily..I think I cried more about it then he did!! He is growing so so fast and it makes me sad, but I know there will be more babies to come! Garrett and I are doing great, especially since we are finally feeling like we are sleeping at night. We have started to look for a house...well just started to dip our feet into it. We love you all in Cali and are looking forward to our week long stay at the beach house this summer!

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Kristine said...

i love the new song on your site! i've been keeping your blog open just so i can listen to it on repeat :) let us know what it is in your next entry.

also, jackson's eyes as he embarks upon his first shower crack me up!

keep them coming. i love this! you three are amazing!