Tuesday, February 5, 2008

2nd Anniversay

This is just a little late surprise for Garrett for our 2nd annivesary which was on Jan. 3rd. I put on some pictures of my favorite memories and the top 10 reason why I love him!
10. Those blue blue eyes
9. For giving me such a cute baby!
8. Not totally killing me after seeing the credit card statement
7. Always being honest on how he feels
6. Working hard everday to provide for our family
5. Always going out of his way to make sure i'm happy..which isnt always easy!
4. For being such a positive person
3. Thinking he is more funny than me when we both know I'm the funny one
2. Little surprises
1. For always loving me unconditionally!!


Britt said...

You make me smile. Congrats on two years! Woo hoo!!! Love love love u

Kristine said...

This is adorable..:) Happy two years, lovebirds :) :) :)
Clearly Jackson's wild support of the Giants was the magic key last Sunday!
I can't wait to see more adorable pictures of all three of you.