Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentines Day Ya'll!!

Yeah I love Valentines Day!! I got up and went to Walmart..its my life!! I hate Walmart but I find myself there at least once a week!! Garrett had to work and I was just home with Jacks. I put together a romantic dinner for Garrett with candles and the whole bit! I even made the dinner all by myself ah! I made meatloaf, pasta, a dip and fondue...but ill be honest I screwed up and ruined the pasta but the rest was delicious! We had a great time! Garrett gave me a purse that I was dying to have and Ill admit its huge but thats the way I like em! I made him a gift basket. Valentines was great with the 2 boys in my life ;) Bye the way I have a super cute picture of Jacks in his Valentine shirt, but im really tring to not put a picture of him every single post! I promised myself I wouldnt be one of those parents but he so dang cute I cant help myself..besides we dont have anything else exciting going on!!
Lots of Love!


Welch Family said...

We're so glad to hear the three of you had a lovely Valentine's Day. Congrats to everyone for Jackson being in his own room! A big milestone is under your belt now. We can't wait for our seaside vacation with you too! Love from California. :)

Woods said...

Oh you know we love to see every picture of Jacks you have. I love hearing how your doing too, but I agree that he's cute and you need to show him off.