Sunday, January 24, 2010

Boys update!

So if you haven't realized this by now, i blog to keep our family that is away up to date on how my family is....which pretty much is my babies. This is whats going on with them: Jackson celebrated his 2nd birthday on Dec. 15th. I took him to a bouncy house and he totally loved it! I even got in on some of the action! He is turning into such a little man, it's crazy how fast time goes! Now I know he is only 2, but he is turning into Mr Independent! His new thing is picking out his own clothes, every outfit is topped off with his snow boots hehe. Jacks is into everything and keeps me on my toes! Easton Man is 8 months now, weighing in at a whopping 23 lbs! He is in the beginning stages of crawling and is mega vocal too. Needless to say i am just going to be getting even more busy with him being mobile! He is such a happy little boy and he is now starting to enjoy solid foods and he doesn't miss a meal :) Garrett is extremely busy with work traveling around to approve store locations. we are so grateful for the long hours he puts in to pay our bills...and pay for my shopping...oh and for my Land Rover. You're the best babe! By the way we celebrated 4years of marriage on the 3rd of this month.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy 2010!!!!

Wow, another year has gone by and life just keeps getting more busy! I have been looking back at 2009, and definitely the highlight in our lives was our sweet little Easton! He has been such a sweet blessing, and Jackson has been a great big brother. Also another year favorite was the blessing of Garrett's job at Del Sol. It has been such a great thing for us and Garrett is loving it! Everyone there is so great and we are excited to be apart of the Sol for many years to come! Of course, I sat down and made a list, I am obsessed with list-making, of things I want to do/accomplish in 2010. I tried to dig deeper than the same ol' lose those last 10 baby pounds...I mean I love the mommy curves! heheh, but seriously some of my goals include: Doing an at-home project each month, which I will share on the blog, learn photography with my sis, be a better mom/wife, and last but certainly not least GET MY SPENDING UNDER CONTROL! Yes, I know this may be a HUGE shocker...not really....but I LOVE to shop. I actually would consider myself a shopaholic. To tackle this task, I will be attending weekly therapy sessions, have a sponsor and follow a 12 step program. 2010 may be a long year.... My list is nice and short and manageable. Here's to 2010...and who knows maybe we could make our family Schonberg party of 5, just saying!!! ;)