Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So I have been looking everywhere for a Wii..well not really everywhere but I knew I wanted to buy one. Of course they are hard to come by, sold out everywhere! So I decided to call Walmart to see if they had any. The guy on the phone said they had 3..I rushed over there as fast as I could! I even woke Jacks up just to go get us a wii. We get there and I sat and waited 30 minutes when they told me they didn't have any. I considered my source and didn't even through a fit..I mean this is Walmart! So I cruised over to Target and there they were 2 Wiis just waiting for me! I picked one up and was as happy as ever. Merry Christmas to Garrett and I! Of course I just had to tell G..Im the worst at keeping secrets! So now we will see if I can leave it unopened until Christmas. I have never played one but I think they look like so much fun! So all you Wii players let me know what games I need to pick up..I'm so embarrassed of myself right now!


Meghan said...

Hi there! I'm David Land's sister, Darcy. You HAVE to get Mario Cart!!! It comes with one wheel. So you may want to buy an additional wheel so you and your husband can play together. We have 3 so each of us can play.

Another game coming out is Animal Crossing, City Folk. Our daughter and I are really looking forward to that one. Hope the info helps. Let me know when you get Mario Cart!

Britt said...

you sound just like me, I will buy things for Christmas or whatever the occasion (birthdays whatev) and totally not be able to wait for the day to open it/give it...I'll say to Rich ok I know you're birthday is next week but you should have this now because I can't wait! oh and I am probably worse at keeping secrets I couldnt keep a suprise from Rich to save my own life.
Anyway love you bunches babe!