Monday, November 24, 2008

I LOVE the holidays!!!

This weekend I drug my mom to see Twilight with hubby isn't the Twilight type! It was really good! I read all the books..the first books I have read in a long long time! We waited in line for an hour, but met an interesting lady while waiting. She teaches at PGH and is in recovery from breast cancer..times like this always make me grateful for the things I have and good health!

Now for the Holidays! I am so so so so excited for black Friday shopping!! I am going to Target this opens at six so I will be there about 3. My mom and I are going to sleep in the back of the rover, yeah I'm totally into it! Last year I was so huge and preggers and I was running all around with my cart grabbing things like mad. I got this huge rocking chair but obviously couldn't lift it. there was a worker standing right by me and wouldn't even help. So I found this huge, I mean huge Samoan guy to help me. I told my sis about this and she called the store and flipped out on them! She told them that I was like about to pop and couldn't even get any help..I love my feisty sister! So to sum it all up..I just get so excited for the Holidays and all the madness! I love buying things for my two boys! And we have Jacks first birthday on the 15th and we are flying to San Diego the day after xmas to see Garrett's mom. Yep it's gonna be a busy one but I love every second of it!


The Strebels said...

oh how I would loe to see you flying around target.. I can picture it.. not a hair out of place.. perfect outfit.. and to top it off high high heels with a huge prego belly... now the real question is were are thoses pictures

Woods said...

You are crazy! I love it! Should I be going to Target?? I need some good deals! You and your mom have so much fun together!!