Saturday, November 8, 2008


Just a few things..first Obama has won the election and will be our new say goodbye to all your money folks cause its going to people who don't even pay taxes. Next, Garrett has started a new job down in Provo doing what else but Account Managing. It's a web site company so if you are looking to get one let G know and he will hook you up. We have had a busy week with our birthdays, just celebrating like nobodys business. Thanks to all the family and friends who sent gifts, cards and the calls. We love you all so much! My birthday was on Thursday and I celebrated with like my bff Brittany Thornton. We had such a great day! Started out with some lunch, followed with some shopping ans ended the day with turning me back into a blonde..because blondes have more fun. Thanks britt for EVERYTHING you totally rock! My loving husband forgot it was my birthday, which really is shocking! I almost cried and he felt bad so he came home with flowers and a Sierra West box in his hand. Thanks babe but you really didn't have to! Maybe he should forget special occasions more often because the payoff was well worth the pain! ;)

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Reagan said...

Jessica, Thank You for saying that about Obama! Where I live, everyone is obsessed with him and it drives me crazy! I was debating online on another blog a couple weeks ago, and this is what I posted, I just though you would find it interesting: "Here is a thought. My father makes over 200,000 a year with his own business. He lives in Utah, has built a company from the ground up for the past 20 years, and falls into that tax bracket that Obama wants to raise taxes on. Now, it seems like my Dad may have a lot of money, but after he pays all his expenses, health care, money back towards business loans and investing money back into the business so it can grow, he actually takes home less than 200,000 a year. But he still legally falls under that range. SO under Obamas plan the government would take OVER 75 PERCENT of his earnings before he even saw a single dollar. OVER 75%!!! Then, he gets his "paycheck" and would still have to pay a 10% tithe. That leaves him with only 15% of the money he earns to take home to his family. HIS hard earned money. He works 12 hour days, sometimes longer, and has done so all his life. Is this fair? Take money from those who create it for their families and give it away to those who may or may not deserve it? Is it just for the government to decide that? My father would possible go bankrupt, his business could fail, and he would have to sell the house he built with his own hands and has lived in for 15 years. Is socialism really the answer? My two sisters would have to drop out of college because he would no longer afford to send them there. In the scriptures God tells us through his prophets that heavy taxing is evil and not of him. It is unconstitutional. Obama and his ideas stand further away form the core fundamentals of the constitution than any other Pres Candidate in history. Do we want to stray from the constitution that we know to be an inspired document from God? Obama would take away our freedoms and rights to choose by disguising them as "equal rights" programs. Socialism will never work in a country that was founded on the ethics of Freedom and the Liberty to Choose. Obama may have good intentions, he wants to ease the suffering of millions (& I fall into that category that he wants to help...)but he is taking the wrong approach. It may be simple to be a poor or middle class American and say "Yes, take from the rich and give to me..." But put yourself in my dads shoes, how would you feel? For a hard working citizen like my dad, who is not "rich" but is classified as such, his life would be stripped from him completely & given away to others (who may or MAY NOT deserve it).AND I agree with many that this is the "Pick a Lesser of Two Evils" election. I don't like either of the choices. But when I make a list side by side of the policies and positions of the candidates, and count how many "evils" each one may contain... I find my answer. Change does sound nice, Heaven knows that what I want and am praying for. But changing in the wrong manner in the wrong direction is NOT the answer. I am neither Rep or Dem, I stand as an Independant (actually I'm undeclaired because I cannot come to terms with either pary) but I will vote this year on who brings about less "evil" change (for lack of a better word because I don't think Obama is evil) and focus on values & constitutional rights."

Sorry that was so long, I just had to share, cause it's a perfect example of what he'll do with his tax plan.