Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yeah for Jackson!

Garrett and I are proud to announce that our son has finally rolled over! It happened Friday morning at 5 am...yes we had the video camera out and everything! Before Jackson was born I wanted him to have my looks and Garrett's brains..needless to say Garrett didnt marry me for my smarts! Anyway we all know that Jacks looks just like Garrett so that only left me with one idea..he got my brains! I did think this everytime I was reading my parenting books and they all said most babies roll by this time. Because lets be honest, no parent wants the "slow kid"! But he is offically a rolling machine and we are very proud of him...there's just no stoppong him now!! (Just incase you are the slow kid looking at the pictures above, they arent of him rolling they are of his first big boy bath!)

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