Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fine I'll do it!!

I really tried to avoid these but I was feelin a bit crazy so I gave it a shot!

How long have you been married? Garrett and I have been married 2 1/2 year and love it..most days! LOL
How old is your hubby? He will be 28 on November 2nd.
Who eats more? Garrett dose on regular food but I do on junk food!
Who said I love you first? Oh gosh I cant remember..We first dated when I was only 18..Im sure I did cause I was so into him and Im embarassed to say I was soo much more into him then he was with me. But the second time we got back together Garrett said it first.
Who is taller? Hmm I think Garrett might be just a bit taller! But he is only 6'8
Who sings better? Oh me for sure..Im thinking about becoming a pro or something.
Who is smarter? I'll have to say Garrett..I couldnt even finish hair school!(Ive also been compared to Jessica Simpson more than once!)
Who controls the TV remote? Ha Garrett..lots of sports at our house
Whose temper is worse? We both are very fiesty! Surprisingly! We do fight but we can get over it..Garrett is better at that. Im such a grudge holder I have a hard time getting over things that really made me mad.
Who does the laundry? Thats about 99.9% me! Which is such a pain cause G has to wear nice clothes everyday to work...buisness men!
Who does the dishes? I do a lot, but Garrett will help out with house chores too
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I sleep furthest away form the door cause if someone comes in to get us G can protect us..Im a whimp.
Who cooks dinner? G did all the time when we were first married, he likes to cook. But I try to be a good wife and do it more..I make a mean meatloaf!
Who is more stubborn? Ha me!!
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Garret is so good at doing that!
Whose parents do you see most? mine, but we wish we could see his just as much
Who has more friends? Im definitly more cute, fun and popular!

Who has more siblings? me..I have 7
Who wears the pants? Garrett has to keep me in line!


Britt said...

Ha I love this! You make me smile. :) We need our catch up chat!!!

Welch Family said...

the website is wonderful! Jackson is adorable. Ican't wait to see you when you are in Cali! I hope we can see you and the baby. (Auntie Gerri)