Monday, April 7, 2008

Love those baby blues!

Hello family and friends! We have just been busy this weekend packing up our townhouse..which makes me kinda sad! We still havnt heard about our house could take 5 weeks so lets cross our fingers and hope it all works out! In the meantime we are moving out of here and into my parents house until we close on ours.
I love confrence weeekend, just lounging around in sweats and listening to our new prophet. Confrence weekend is also a time I look at all I have been blessed with and am grateful for all I have! I want to send out my deepest sympathy to the family in SLC who lost their little girl last week. Maybe it's because I am a mom now but I was just so upset about this whole just seem to hit so close to home now.

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Matt and Shari Bailey said...

Hey Jessica! Thanks for doing my hair today! I had fun hanging with you and I am excited for you guys to move into your new home. I hope all goes well with that. Please let us know when you move so we can help! Love ya tons!