Tuesday, December 21, 2010

another year!

so my little man has done it again...yup another year is gone and he is 3! Why do they have to get old? He is one funny little dude and keeps us all on our toes! He is a bit OCD, stubborn, impatient at times, loud, ADHD, control freak and sometimes i hear a naughty word slip from that innocent mouth. He is his mother through and through, so I only have myself to blame. We may butt heads, but he will always be the first baby I ever had and that's amazing. Jackson man, mama loves you! Happy 3rd birthday, but lets not have anymore!


Papaparazzi KISSS :) said...

he so cute. :) follow me back okay :)

Papaparazzi KISSS :) said...

he so cute. :) follow me back okay :)

Melissa said...

Ow they are so cute (:
Just love them, I think you're a proud mom and dad (:

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Alexis Moreno said...


Jessie Green said...

Aww he's is adorable!

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