Wednesday, February 24, 2010

10 simple things that make me happy

SO I can be so random and this would be one of those times! Here are 10 random things that just make me happy
10. opening the washer thinking I hvae laundry in there, but is totally empty.
9. Unlimited refills on my Diet Coke, ya know when you are out to eat.
8. One of my kids falling asleep in the always makes me laugh!
7. Finding something in my closet that I totally forgot about, like new again!
6. a clean car
5. climbing into a bath that is so hot I think I need to go to the hospital.
4. yoga
3. junk food. I will probably suffer a heart attack by age 35.
2. checking out at the store and something is less exspensive than I thought...ok it doesn't happen much, but it's so nice when it does!
1. my family of course!


Justin said...

G-Money, Halla at cha boy. shoots don't forget your roots.

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