Saturday, January 24, 2009

Baby Easton is 24 weeks..and Jackson walks on the ceiling!

PS Jacks has started to walk this week! Way to go bud!


The Strebels said...

Wow.. I forget how tall you husband is until Jackson walks on the ceiling... and your belly as cute as ever.. I just want to come rub it

Marilynn Gravelle said...

Jacks is walking! yeah Jackson!

What a cute picture of Jacks and Dad!

Jess you look great! Hope you are feeling as well as you look!

Love, Grandma Marilynn

Britt said...

Look at your belly!! Stop it! I Love it!
p.s. Jackson IS the cutest thing ever I think it looks more and more like you! and p.s.s. you really need to call me back

Anonymous said...

Possibly the most amazing blog that I read all year vintage wedding!?!