Saturday, October 4, 2008

Love weekends!

So Jacks and I have had lots of one on one time this weekend due to Garrett having the flu. For some reason Jackson was so funny this weekend and I was so camera happy and I have a few more photos to post. He learned how to climb the stairs, but we don't get the turning around to go down thing yet. We went to a Varsity football game at lone peak on Friday. My nephew, who is only a sophomore I might add, plays kicker and receiver. I'm so proud of him and it was fun watching him play! Jackson had a great time watching the cheerleaders. What can I say he has great taste :) I really do think it was my first time back there since I graduated. It brought back a lot of memories and it's funny because all of the students seemed so flippin young I felt like I was 80! There I was carrying my kid and knocked up with the 2nd. I swear when I was there, not so long ago, I felt so old and thought I knew everything! Boy did I get a wake up call! Life is so crazy!


Dave and Maren Clark said...

Weekends truely are the best! I love kicking back and relaxing.

Marilynn said...

Sorry about Garrett being sick!
Funny story about the rock.......

Love the pics of Jackson.....come see me soon!

Hope you feel good - you look great Jess!

Mom Marilynn

Welch Family said...

We love seeing the pics of baby jacks! He is soo cute. Kayla keeps saying "Kayla" when she sees him. Matthew says that is his baby jacks! We hope garrett is feeling better, the farm pics were very cute. Catch the big hug coming to you all from Cali!