Friday, September 12, 2008

Offical Jackson update!

So Jackson will be 9 months on the 15th! Ah! He is at the best age ever! He is such a little ham bone, he makes Garrett and I laugh constantly! He is so busy moving all around the house and has now started to pull himself up to anything he can get a hold of. He had his first fall off of our bed..totally my fault! I felt horrible because our bed is on risers and is a bit tall! He recovered without even a bump or bruise..thankfully! He throws fits like a 2 year old, who knows what he will do when he is 2! He is getting huge! I'm not really sure how much he weighs now, but I don't buy anything smaller than 24 months! He is just so dang long which is weird, I have no clue who he gets that from! He is a social eater and can eat more than G and I combined! (He especially loves Costco pizza and diet coke). He now has his two bottom teeth and lets me know about it ouch! You are always guaranteed a good laugh from him with a fake sneeze. He thinks that's the funniest thing ever! Garrett and I have enjoyed him immensely and look forward to the next this is not any sort of announcement!

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