Sunday, January 20, 2008


Merry Merry Christmas!!! This year was sure different..the best so far! Im so so glad that Jacks was able to be here for the holidays, ok so im glad im not prego too! We spent the day at my parents' house with the whole fam and all 17 grandchildren. Garrett had a good week off for the holidays so we had lots of family time. We are so exhasted and sleep is such a thing in the past, but we are so happy and love our new life!


Kristine said...

it is so beautiful to see your new little fam coming together...despite the fact you are both clearly not sleeping at all (as evidenced by the fact that this was posted at 3:54 am) ;) keep the pictures coming!! i check like every two days to see if you have posted. i would love to talk to you, but in the meantime, if either one of you ever get a minute where your fingers are free, drop me an email at


Jackson 3 said...

Sooo Cute! I can't still Believe all his HAIR!! did you have lots when you were a babe? and already 12 pounds!! GO MOM!

Jackson 3 said...
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Loni said...

Hey! I found your blog through matt and shari, your baby is so cute! We named out baby Jaxson too, just spelled it different! Your boy has a TON of hair! Glad to see everything is going so well for you guys!

Welch Family said...

Garrett and Jessica-
The new pix of Baby Jacks look so cute. I love all of that hair. I hear he is growing by leaps and bounds. I remember the sleep thing but it does get easier. Our only regret is that we're so far away from you all but we love checking for new postings! :)